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We have really, really exciting news! We are moving, but not moving away! We are putting our home on the market next week and building a NEW WILLIAM POOLE COTTAGE HOME — The Raspberry Cottage; the cutest, sweetest button of a house you ever did see! We are just flipping over here! Hooray!!! — Deborah & JP

I purchased the Sullivan's Island plan in 1999! I am a doctor and worked my way through school as a union steel worker. I was the general contractor and built the home over a two year period.  My home sits on the lower Potomac River with a wonderful five mile view across the river!  Every window of the house has a view of the water.  I love my home and thank Mr. Poole for designing it!—  Michael

Well, we finally finished our William Poole " Beaufort" home in Chapel Hill a year after we last communicated with you. I thought you might like to see photos of the finished house and the happy homeowners. The builder, Jim Henry, did a truly outstanding job! — Gerald & Barbara

I really think if you had been leaning with your ear to the north, say, around 11:30 this morning, you could have HEARD the shrieks of delight & joy when we opened our package! I can't even BEGIN to tell you how THRILLED we are with the design! "She" really *IS* beautiful, & you have done a TREMENDOUS job at putting together all the details and desires as I described!...you heard it all, and incorporated everything! It's just fabulous! I have so much to say, but I won't ramble on and on because I know you might not even get this email before I call you on Tuesday...but if you do get this before then, just know that we are all walking on clouds, and our new home is only NOW beginning to become real to us!! We really had quite a festive day ... my reason for being out of town for the day was canceled at the last minute, and so as soon as the truck arrived at my sister's, she called me, and my whole family came up to see the plans ... we were able to get my mom over, too, and before we knew it, we had an "Open House" type day with friends, food, and great conversations, all central to the home. Really memorable! Can't wait to talk to you on Tuesday, but until then, please know how very, very incredibly pleased we are! (I knew all along you'd be great!) (PS-LOVED the green ribbon and the note!!)Karen

Your plans came the same day as our daughter arrived home from college for fall break. We had   great fun opening up the shipping tube, looking at the plans, and eating strudel. I must say I am really enjoying the process of working with you to design our home. The Edigers

We wanted to take a moment to share with you how pleased we are with our new William Poole home. The land purchase & planning stages began nearly a year and a half ago, and we are now nearing completion with just a few cosmetic touches remaining. A Tennessee Circuit Court Judge and a middle schoolteacher needing a quiet, comfortable refuge to call home and raise our young family, we've situated our "Virginia Farmhouse" on a 22 acre mini-farm in rural east Tennessee. Needing a bit more space in the garage, we added 7 feet to both its width and depth via a recommendation from one of your designers. The only other major modification to the original reverse plan is to the upper level. We have never seen an actual photo of the "Virginia Farmhouse" in any plan books, but we'd love to share some of our photos with you as a token of our appreciation for your extraordinary design. Happy homeowners, John and Leigh Anne

Our finished Chevy Chase home took about 16 months to complete. We can say that there is no other house in our entire neighborhood or area that has the character of our finished home! — Suzann

We are constantly complimented by friends and strangers alike as to the "beauty" of our home. We thoroughly enjoy our home & ongoing work in the "yard". To quote your description "...one is immediately immersed in images of the generations who have live, loved, & toiled there..." Our hope is that this home becomes on, that is lived in by the generations to come. Thanks for the truly eye appealing design. — John & Betty

We love our new home in Kentucky. It is beautiful & the plans worked perfectly — The Willsons

We built The Melrose in 1995. Our home has redwood siding, architectural roofing, and heart pine floors. We recycled pine beams from a local textile plant that was being torn down. The pine was used for flooring, shoe molding and stair treads. We have one fireplace instead of three that were in the original plans; otherwise, very few changes were made. We love the layout of this plan and are happy we chose The Melrose. — The Stanfields

I will live in my William Poole house the rest of my life. I thoroughly love all of your plans. I hope to build another as my vacation home. — Karen

We purchased your Melrose house plan 12 years ago and built our home on a lake with a beautiful view and breathtaking scenery. We love our home and thank you for such a wonderful design. It is really a show piece! — Thanks, The Sullivans

When I found the house plans for The Homestead on your web site I knew this was the house we wanted to buy! There is still work to be done with landscaping, which we're doing ourselves, and finishing touches inside. But it's a labor of love, sweat and sore muscles we wouldn't miss for the world! Betty

After years of looking at house plans, and traveling Greensboro, NC, Beaufort SC, and Wilmington, NC to tour William Poole design homes, my husband and I decided to build the Williamsburg Cottage from the Home Places Collection.  What a beauty it is!  Our home was completed in March 2004 and we love it.  We were always impressed with the spacious design and elegance of the William Poole homes we toured, and our Williamsburg Cottage is no exception. Thank you Mr. Poole for creating such a beautiful design! Karen & Tom

It has been almost two years to date since we purchased our Blackberry Lane plans from your office. From the first rendered drawing to the completed construction, this house has fulfilled a dream that my wife & I both share. I did the best to match the specifications as detailed in the plans all the way down to the bird houses on each of the gable ends. Hard work & determination really paid off. Thank you so much for a beautiful dream! — The Linkers

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the new Sweetbriar home design. I currently reside in Florida in a community called Brookside. I live in your Sulphur Springs house but am currently looking to downsize.  I love this new plan and am in the process of purchasing a new lot so that I can build the Sweetbriar. I will be ordering the plans as soon as we close on the lot. Great Work! Your Fan, Paula

We love our house, are very proud of the looks, and enjoy it thoroughly. Our next door neighbor is currently building the Twin Oaks home model, which will be set up at the end of the cul-de-sac to look fabulous! Lisa Fay

I wanted to send you some pictures of my William Poole Home.  I built the "Battery Creek Cottage" in 2001 as a wedding gift to my wife.  We actually drove to Beaufort, SC to view this same home plan in one of your neighborhoods.  Our home is located in a small southern town in NC.  We love our home and thought you would enjoy these pictures!!! Kevin

I wanted to say wow! Love your southern charm. I hope to see more one story houses at the 1800-2000 sq. footage range! I’ll be waiting! You are extremely talented and a true “southerner” with great taste! Keep up the great work!  —Rhonda McHan

Hello. Thanks for including us in your William Poole Home Circle Association. We appreciate the extra color rendering you sent us, and look forward to other future info from William Poole. We recently completed our new home in Middletown, Maryland, based upon the Eastern Shore Cottage plans we purchased from you two years ago. The plans were absolutely fantastic and we added a few extra touches to fit our needs. We are simply excited to finally get it done and to move in.  Thanks again. Your plans and details really made a big difference. — James & Laura

We love our new home, the Sulphur Springs. It was completed in 1998. We'll be moving soon & are lookng at your plans again. We'll only look at William E Poole designs. They fit our family & lifestyle perfectly.  — Thank you, Jimmy & Linda

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